Saturday, November 1, 2014

New Kitty

We lost our big kitty, Tuffy. He was with us over ten years and we loved him lots. Back when we decided to get a kitty we read through the papers for kittens and then realized we would have to go to the pet store. Pet stores work with rescues and offer rescued kittens for sale. Most of them are fixed too. So thinking we were looking for a fluffy tabby we found two short hair black half grown kittens. Because it was getting near to Autumn they wanted homes for the black kittens before Halloween. They dropped the price and we brought the two home. They had names like Spook and Scary so Hailey renamed them Tuffy and Angel. About a year later one evening Angel ran outside when I was bringing in stuff from my car. We never saw her again. Tuffy's fur was raised and he looked scared. We think a coyote got Angel. Where we live that can happen. Tuffy stayed close to home and we always made sure he was in at night. Later we got two other cats and then there were kittens. We kept two. It cost a lot to get all the kitties fixed. Over the years we lost four and then Hailey got a pretty kitten named Annie. She went out one morning and was gone. That was just a month after I took her to the vet. So we got Hailey a kitty named Shadow. Shadow is not allowed outside alone.

It is hard to believe that Tuff is gone. I said I wouldn't get another cat. I meant it too. Then looking at a facebook page for resale in our area, I saw the photo of a pretty orange tabby with white feet. He needed a home because the older cats were beating him up. He was living in the bathroom. We found out that they got him a week earlier so he wasn't with them very long. I'm not sure of the name they had given him but Hailey named the kitten Rusty. Rusty is younger than I thought he was from his photos. He likes to run and play. Yesterday Hailey bought him toys at Walmart.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Pink and Orange

Yesterday just after sunset there was a wonderful orange pink cloud. Here we could only see parts of it. I did manage to get a nice photo behind some palms.


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Moon and Trees

The evening after the super moon decided to take a different view of the almost full moon. I set up and watched the moon rise behind trees. I again used my Olympus E 3 with the Sigma 50-500mm zoom lens. The lens set to 500mm. I focused on the trees of course. This made the moon blurry for a nice effect. I seldom use the big lens but for stuff like this it is fun to have.


The yucca is the Mojave Yucca that grows in the American south west. Back in 06 we bought a bucket with three small plants and put them in the ground. They seemed to grow slowly and without our really noticing it they finally got big and multiplied. Last year some bloomed. This year we have seen several blooms.


Super Moon

Set up my 50-500 Sigma lens on the tripod and attached my camera ready for the moon rise. I got some nice shots. This year there seems to be a smoky haze east of here that may be from the fires. That may have been why the moon is has a golden cast to it...and it came up near sunset too.


My amaryllis only had two stalks bloom this year. I need to repot the bulbs.